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It is with a sadden heart that I have to inform all the friends and clients that Annie's Herbals is CLOSED.

Annie passed away unexpectedly on Saturday June 27, 2020.

We spent 41 years together…

She was the queen of the Garden fairies...
and the best friend I ever had.

Annie's Herbals is a small herb company nestled in the heart of North Carolina's Piedmont region. We have been making quality herbal products for companion animals and the humans who care for them since 1995. Located in Chatham County, NC, near the town of Pittsboro, we grow or wildharvest most of our herbs here on the farm and process them with great care, using only the purest ingredients. Herbs that we cannot grow or wildharvest here or nearby are purchased from well-researched organic sources. While our primary focus is herbs for pets, our products are people-friendly as well. Our topical treatments for such common pet ailments as ringworm, ear mites, and hot spots are also effective for a host of "human" ailments, as you will soon see.

The appropriate use of herbs in conjunction with proper diet and homeopathic or other holistic treatment provides the best in holistic care. Annie's Herbals is committed to developing safe, quality herbal products for you and your pets. Our formulas have been in use by holistic practitioners since 1995. During that time, we have created a product line that addresses most common health issues. However, the more we know about how we're doing and what your needs are, the better we are able to serve you and your pets. Product development is an ongoing process, and we invite and encourage your input and feedback.

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PLEASE NOTE: The information on this site is for educational purposes only and is not intended to replace regular medical care. Before using any holistic therapy, it is wise to research that therapy and to consult a qualified practitioner. 

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